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Our most compact air purifier

The Pure & Clean with ActivePure is a compact, portable air purifier equipped with 4-Stages of protection.The versatile design, alongside powerful active and passive purification, provides 24/7 protection against common airborne and surface contaminants.

What Does the Pure & Clean Reduce in the Air and On Surfaces?

The combination of passive and active technologies that are utilized in the Pure & Clean provide real-time protection against common airborne and surface contaminants.

Large Debris
Odor & Gases
Pet Hair & Dander

The 4 Stages of Pure & Clean

The Pure & Clean combines some of the most effective passive (filtration) techniques with the proactive technology of ActivePure. This combination of technologies trap and eliminate mold, fungus, bacteria, viruses, dander, and more.


Step one makes the additional steps even more effective. Negative ionization attracts particulates in the air and clumps them together for easy capture.


Activated Carbon acts as a Pre-Filter for the HEPA. It is porous and effectively absorbs harmful gases & VOCs (volatile organic compounds). It also absorbs smoke and other ambient odors.


This high efficiency HEPA screen adds an additional layer is water-resistant polypropylene and engineered to capture over 99.97% of particles as small as 0.3 microns in size. This includes viruses, bacteria, mold, etc.


This is where the Pure & Clean becomes more than just a passive air purifier. The ActivePure matrix proactively sends out super oxidizers that inactivate viruses, bacteria, and more in the air & on surfaces throughout your space.

What is ActivePure?

ActivePure technology does not passively wait for air to go through a filter, it actively fills a space with the same molecules that make outdoor air safe. These therapeutic molecules inactivate viruses, bacteria, and other pathogens in the air and on surfaces.

Bring the Freshness of Outdoor Air Inside

ActivePure works by creating the same sub- microscopic molecules found in the outside air. By recreating this organic process, ActivePure inactivates harmful pathogens as they enter the space.

Ideal for Occupied Spaces

The Pure & Clean meets California ozone emissions limits and is CARB Certified. The ActivePure technology produces hydroxyls, hydrogen peroxide, and other super oxidizers. These therapeutic molecules effectively neutralize viruses, bacteria, and other pathogens in occupied spaces.

Proven Results

We needed a lot of convincing before we were ready to recommend ActivePure to our customers. We have reviewed unaffiliated lab results ran our own trials in-house, and had our customers perform real-world testing . They all demonstrate the efficacy of ActivePure.

Inspire Confidence

We know that one of your big goals is to provide peace of mind to the people using your services. That is why our air purifiers come with marketing materials to let people know what you are doing for them.

Inspire confidence in living fully.

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Scalable Solutions

It's all about your space. Our solutions are scalable to meet your unique needs. From small units that efficiently and discreetly cover a single office to in-duct units that effectively reduce viruses and bacteria throughout an entire building.

A free consultation with us means we get to know your space and your goals. Then our team can provide the solution precisely scaled for your space.

Monitor. Purify. Share.

Addressing indoor air quality(IAQ) doesn't have to be a guessing game. The ThinkLite Flair IAQ Monitor detects, analyzes, and reports key air-quality measures in real-time. You can monitor, make adjustments and share how well your protocols are working 24/7.

Where the Pure & Clean Excels

The compact, portable design and powerful technology in the Pure & Clean with ActivePure make it ideal for a variety of industries and settings.

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