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Our 3-Step Process

Making decisions on how to protect your employees, students or guests is challenging. CFE Services is here to help you choose the most effective tools. As our name states, we place a heavy emphasis on serving your needs. No matter the size or scope, our air quality specialists will ease the stress of making the right decision. We help you to prioritize, locate and apply.



You know your space better than anyone. Together we will identify which spaces need air purification based on occupancy, activity level, and proximity. We will rank and provide a detailed list of the spaces that require air purification for the health and well-being of anyone who occupies that area.



We offer a wide range of air purifier systems which can treat different size and type of spaces. This suite of continuous surface and air disinfection products are an ideal solution for facility-wide adoption.Taking into consideration square footage, ceiling height, current ventilation, space usage and occupancy, we can customize the perfect air solution for every space.



We will deliver the devices to your facility with a comprehensive site-survey outlining a location for each specific air purification device. With the convenience of plug-and-purify on most of our solutions, you will be able to easily implement the most comprehensive air purifier systems packed with industry-leading technologies. CFE Services will also provide you with guidance on operation, maintenance and technical support.